Crisis Stabilization

Crisis Stabilization is an intensive one-on-one service for children and young adults, with a focus on preventing crisis, or intervening during times of crisis. This program operates in conjunction with the Wraparound Milwaukee Mobile Urgent Treatment Team (MUTT). La Causa, Inc. is contracted to receive referrals from Wraparound Milwaukee, Saint A, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Community Services, and the Mobile Urgent Treatment Team.

Specialized Crisis Stabilization

Specialized Crisis Stabilization is a voluntary service that provides weekly one-on-one support, and 24 hour crisis response for youth who are at risk, or involved in sex trafficking or commercial sexual exploitation. This program mentor’s individual’s and helps them set goals and develop an action plan. La Causa, Inc. is contracted to receive referrals from Wraparound Milwaukee

Making Proud Choices

Making Proud Choices is a community based program funded through United Way’s Healthy Girls Initiative. This program is open to all youth ages 12 – 18. We work with schools or the community to provide an eight week evidenced-based program which focuses on reducing the risk of HIV/STDs and pregnancy among youth. This comprehensive sex education program encourages better negotiating skills, and reduced risk taking behaviors.

My Life My Choice

The My Life My Choice program empowers girls ages 13-18 to see their self-worth, keeping them safe, happy, and healthy. This program educates and warns girls on the dangers of sex trafficking through documentaries, survivor stories, and role playing.

Aggression Replacement Training® (ART)

La Causa Inc. offers anger management groups for youth ages 11-19. We use the researched-based Aggression Replacement Training® (ART) curriculum. This fifteen-week program includes components of social skills, anger control, and moral reasoning. La Causa, Inc. is contracted to receive referrals from Milwaukee County Delinquency and Court Services.