Our academic curriculum is structured on the basis of problem solving, critical thinking, and technology. Students learn engineering principles through computer science, launch lab, robotics and Project Lead the Way. We encourage creative expression through visual arts, music, dance, and Video Production. Our innovative approach to learning allows students to develop the competencies necessary to succeed in their future careers.

Bilingual/ English as Second Language (ESL) Program

Our Bilingual and ESL programs go hand in hand as we implement a developmental model that allows students to learn in their native language, Spanish, while providing them with an incrementally increasing and fully supported instruction in English. Through academic content, we are developing both languages of our students beginning in K4 so that by the time they graduate from 8th grade students are bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural.

Fine Arts, Science and Technology (FAST) Education

La Causa Charter School places a strong emphasis on reading, literacy and mathematics, but we also recognize the crucial role that the arts and sciences have in our students’ education. Through our Fine Arts, Science, and Technology (FAST) program, students receive a minimum of 90 minutes of FAST instruction each day.

After School Program

Our after school program offers daily homework tutoring with a strong focus on math and reading. The Afterschool program emphasizes interactive project-based learning that supports multiple learning styles. It is aligned with La Causa Charter School's Improvement Plan (SIP) and Milwaukee Public Schools' District Learning Targets.