Wraparound Milwaukee Care Coordination

Wraparound Milwaukee care coordination services are provided to youth up to age 19, who are experiencing significant mental health or emotional health issues, and are placed on a court order through the Division of Milwaukee Child Protective Services or Delinquency and Court Services. Our care coordinators support families by creating a family-centered, strength-based plan. Care coordinators work with community partners to address other areas of need, so the youth and family can complete their court-ordered requirements successfully. After the required court order has been met, families may elect to continue support on a voluntary basis. 

REACH Care Coordination

REACH care coordination services is a voluntary program open to families who are in need of ongoing mental health or emotional health services. Once enrolled, families will be provided a care coordinator to work with until they have achieved their established goals. Please contact Wraparound Milwaukee at (414) 257-7607 to request an assessment.

Coordinated Opportunities for Recovery and Empowerment (CORE)

Coordinated Opportunities for Recovery and Empowerment (CORE) is a unique team approach consisting of a clinician, care coordinator, certified peer specialist, psychiatrist, and employment specialist serving youth at the first episode of psychosis. The CORE team provides intensive support by   developing a comprehensive plan of care.